Mission & Core Values

Our corporate motto, “Strive for Excellence” is more than just words.  At U.S. Energy Development Corporation it is a way of life.  Over the past 40 years U.S. Energy has pioneered a unique project development approach that focuses on opportunities throughout onshore North America but only invests in the projects that our collective experience tells us will have a high potential for success for our partners in the long run.

To fulfill our mission to provide world-class direct energy investments, U.S. Energy has created a corporate culture built on six specific Core Values.  These Core Values not only dictate our day-to-day activity and decision making processes, but also ensure that the entire company is aligned in our purpose to provide superior results for our partners through performance and communication.

With a reputation for integrity, objectivity and professional excellence spanning more than 40 years, we look forward to the years ahead with tremendous optimism that direct energy investments will continue to be an attractive option for investors looking for asset diversification, income potential and tax advantages.

The Story Of Oil & Gas Is An American Story.  It’s Our Story.
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